Seldom Creek Cabin Rooms
5 minute walk down hill from Lookout Lodge (Main activity area)

Pricing is the total for the entire weekend package and is based on the cabin room in the house that offers either a Queen, Full or Twin bed. Please note the price does not include TicketSpice’s processing and handling fees.

The Main person pays the initial room price for the bed space, any additional person’s staying in the room pays the $130 Tent Camping – Room Guest price.

Communal shared room space each person pays the Main room price for a bed.

Each room has its own minimum/maximum occupancy allowed. Additional persons sharing a Seldom Creek Cabin Room (not the main person) should register using the Tent Camping – Room Guest rate.

Attendees must provide own bed linens, pillows, etc. as none will be provided.

The PNWLC event starts at Noon on Thursday, August 1st thru Noon Sunday, Aug. 4th.

There is a 5 car limit for angled parking at this location. 

A 4-person shuttle going from the Seldom Creek Cabin up to the Lookout Lodge for those who don’t want to walk up the hill will be available, use the walkie-talkie in the Seldom Creek Cabin kitchen to contact Command base when needed.

Limited WIFI is available at Seldom Creek Cabin house and is Air Conditioned.  You may want to bring a fan for air circulation.

Smoking of any kind (vaping, cigarettes, cigars, etc.) is allowed ONLY in the below designated smoking areas:

Fire pit/smoking area on Terrace 1 Tent Camping area by Outdoor Cooking Pavilion

Garage driveway of Seldom Creek Cabin

Otherwise smoking of any kind is NOT ALLOWED inside any of the property buildings or anywhere else per the property owner.

Cabin Room 1
Main Floor

Minimum people 2/max 4

Full Size Bed $190/Main (First) person
per Additional person (2nd-4th)

Located upstairs, offers private room with full size bed with dresser, remote controlled ceiling fan, shelves, closet space, outlet, windows and hardwood floor.

Room size: 13′ x 10′.

Cabin Room 2
Main Floor

Minimum/Max 1 person

Twin Size Captain’s Bed $160/Main person

Located upstairs, offers private room with twin size Captain’s bed with drawers, dresser, chair, small hanging wall rack, outlet, window and hardwood floor.

Room size: 10′ x 8′.

Cabin Room 3 (shared)
Main Floor

Minimum people 2/Max 3

Twin Size Bed $160/each
$130/Third person

Located upstairs, offers private room communal shared space with (2) twin size beds, pull chain ceiling fan, chair, (1) plastic 3-drawer nightstand, closet, outlet, window, rug and hardwood floor.

Room size: 10′ x 9′.

Cabin Room 4 (shared)

Minimum/Max people 3

Twin Size Bed $160/each

Located downstairs, offers private room communal shared space with (3) twin size beds, chair, (2) plastic 3-drawers nightstand, (1) wood nightstand w/drawer, outlet, rug and carpeted floor.

A panel folding screen will be set up outside the door entrance to offer some form of privacy to the downstairs living room space.

Room size: 12′ x 10′.

Cabin Room 5


Minimum people 2/Max 3

Queen Size Bed $170/Main (First) person
$130/per Additional person (2nd-3rd)

Located downstairs, offers private room with queen size bed, chair, (1) plastic 3-drawer nightstand, lamp, outlet and carpeted floor.

Room size: 10′ x 10′.

Cabin Room 6


Minimum people 1/Max 3

Twin Size Hospital Bed $160/Main person
$130/per Additional person (2nd-3rd)

Located downstairs, offers private room with twin size hospital bed, chair, (1) plastic 3-drawer nightstand, small hanging wall rack, outlet, cement walls, cement floor and unfinished ceiling.

Room size: 10′ x 10′. Their is a 84-inch wide x 90-inch long floor space next to the bed in which the door can still open that could be used for an air mattress.

Living Room

Upstairs Main Floor

Minimum people 1/Max 6

L-shaped Couch $140/Main (First) person
$130/per Additional person (2nd-6th)

Offers a brown L-shaped couch that measures 6′ long x 3′ wide each section, end table, coffee table, overhead light, outlet, hardwood floor and window to outside. The door leading to the outside will be not accessible to other attendees.

Hanging barrier will be set up to offer some form of privacy from the indoor doorway which leads to the other rooms, upstairs bathroom and kitchen area.

A blow up mattress could be used in this space if you prefer (not provided).

Room size: 13′ wide x 10′ long.

Seldom Creek Cabin Shared Facilities

All rooms in Seldom Creek Cabin share either the upstairs or downstairs bathrooms and main kitchen.

Seldom Creek Cabin Bathrooms (Upstairs/Downstairs)


Offers bathroom sink, mirror, shower/tub combo.

The entire property is served by a septic system, so the host will provide paper products which are specifically engineered to be flushed into a septic system. If you plan to bring baby wipes or “Dude Wipes”, please DO NOT FLUSH THEM as the septic system can’t handle it and will clog up the pipes, instead plan to drop those into the provided trash receptacles.

PLEASE NOTE: The Seldom Creek Cabin bathrooms offer shower shot douching attachments which can be used by attendees during the event. The bathrooms are a 5 minute walk down the hill from the Lookout Lodge and Tent Camping areas.

Please make sure to bring your own shower shot nozzle for sanitary purposes as one will not be available for use, only the water diverter and 6 ft hose will be attached to the piping.

Because the property’s pipe system is old, please try and flush your douching shit in the toilet and not down the shower drain as the shower pipes clog easily and can’t handle the excess material.

Also, the property’s water storage is limited, please refrain from taking any long showers or long times douching, thank you.

If you do not want to use the shower shot system, you can always bring your own portable enema bulb for quick douching using a toilet.


Main Kitchen

Offers refrigerator, electric stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, kitchen sink and dishwasher. Cleaning supplies are available courtesy of the property owner.

Seldom Creek Cabin parking (first come/first park spaces)

On the paved driveway in front of RV Camping Spot 3 there is enough parking for (5) cars to parallel park on the right-hand side facing the cabin.



Mr. S Leather
Cockeye Kink

Eagle Bar Portland, OR

FFäusten Lube


Wet® Lubricants

PNWLC Cellphone Usage Rules:

No cellphones or recording devices are allowed during the entire PNWLC event except in your own room, inside your own tent or RV with consent from everyone in frame. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will be asked to immediately leave the event after deleting filmed content from device(s) with no refund, and they be will denied entry to all future PNWLC events.

Exception: Only designated PNWLC committee members and medical personnel, while on duty, are permitted to have their cellphone discreetly on them during the event.

About the Committee

Pacific Northwest Leathermen’s Campout (PNWLC) is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers. All committee meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.


How to Contact Us

For more information or questions, please email us at

PNWLC is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers.

For up-to-date information
about PNWLC events:

For the Facebook Group, you will need to answer a few basic questions to join. We generally approve new members within a day or so.