Pacific Northwest Leathermen’s Campout

A Portland area annual weekend camping retreat

Friday, August 26th to Sunday, August 28th, 2022



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1. What do I get for my registration attending PNWLC?

Your PNWLC registration fee includes:

  • Indoor Room with a bed; or Cot space, or Tent Camping space; or RV Camping space (see RV Camping page regarding available connections)
  • Clothing-optional environment
  • Leather focused, kink, fetish, BDSM friendly atmosphere 
  • Safe, sane, consensual, and sex-positive environment
  • Friday evening icebreaker/welcome briefing
  • Friday night raffle to win prizes from some of our sponsors
  • Instructional kink, fetish classes and group discussions
  • Sponsor Cockeye Kink will have a booth set-up during the event for your opportunity to purchase custom fitted leather harness and other gear
  • Access to indoor dungeon play space with Air Conditioning and 3 themed rooms with usable dungeon furniture equipment provided (Saint Andrews crosses, sling stands, benches, medical table, massage tables, etc.)
  • Access to outdoor play space with usable dungeon furniture equipment provided
  • Saturday afternoon lube wrestling hosted by sponsor FFäusten Lube
  • Other fun group activities
  • 8-person outdoor hot tub
  • X-rated theater room
  • Access to outdoor pavilion kitchen offering a gas BBQ grill with a searing station and a single burner stove adjunct on the right side available for usage and 6 heavy duty plastic picnic tables
  • Saturday and Sunday continental style breakfast along with coffee, juice and milk
  • Snack Bar with variety of snack offerings
  • Potable water is available on site
  • On-site showers (3 indoor showers and a 3-person hot/cold outdoor showers)
  • Bathroom (3 indoor, 1 by the outdoor pavilion and port-a-potty access near Tent Camping Terrace 2 area)
  • Hiking trail (quarter mile located behind Tent Camping Terrace 2 area)
  • Fire pit conversation area with some seating provided (Terrace 2 area, weather/fire season permitting)
  • Outdoor smoking area with some seating provided (Terrace 2 area)
  • Swag bag filled with goodies from various sponsors and donors
  • Chance for some great raffle prizes from various sponsors and donors

This is a bring your own beverage and food event.

PNWLC will only be providing a Saturday and Sunday breakfast and weekend snacks during the event.

You will need to provide your own beverages (non-alcoholic and/or alcohol must be in non-breakable (no glassware) containers), lunch and dinner food as well as utensils (plates, cups, eating utensils, etc.), coolers, ice packs, camping gear and lawn chairs (if tenting), toys, lube, bed linens, pillows, towels, shower shot nozzle, nail clippers, insect repellent, flashlight, bags for dirty clothing, etc.

2. Will there be day or night passes being offered for the PNWLC event if I can't attend all the days?

There will be no day or night passes offered.

3. I currently don't own any leather, kink or fetish clothing/gear, do I need it to attend the PNWLC event?


The PNWLC event is aimed at providing a fun and safe space for male-identifying men where they have the option of wearing their leather, fetish or kink gear if they own any.

If they don’t own any, the basic tennis shoes and/or boots and a jockstrap or jeans and a fun t-shirt will be fine to wear at the event.

Since it’s a clothing-optional event, nudity would be another option.

Please remember, it will be warm days, cool nights, so plan your outfits accordingly (and use sunscreen!).

4. Will there be a chore shift required at the PNWLC weekend event?


As a way to help build the community, give a sense of involvement and contribution, every attendee (including all PNWLC Committee members) is being asked to participate in a minimum of one chore shift during the PNWLC event. All of the PNWLC Committee pays the full registration fee and we are all volunteers. In order to make the weekend work smoothly, everyone is required to help out for at least 2 hours during the event.

Shift times vary according to duty. When registering for the event, you will be asked to select your top three choices for which chore duty you’d like to do and the Registration committee will do it’s best to accommodate your first choice.

Below are the chore duties and shifts required we are expecting needed to make the event function:

Registration – Friday (2 hour shift. Time slots: noon-9pm. Assist in checking in participants, handing out swag bags, etc.)

Command Base – during event (2 hour shift. Time slots: Fri. noon-1am; Sat. 8am-1am, Sun. 8am-2pm. Assist in answering questions, keep track of volunteer duties sign-in, etc.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Assistance (2 hour shift, 8am-10am. Prep, cook, wash, etc.)

Sunday Morning Breakfast Assistance (2 hour shift, 8am-10am. Prep, cook, wash, etc.)

Dungeon Monitor – Friday or Saturday (2 hour shift, 9pm-1am: Must have prior trained/certified experience and/or attend the June Saturday – 6 hour DM training class)

Medical/EMT (On-call – shifts depend on number of medical volunteers: Have a walkie-talkie on you during your shift).

Floater – during event (3 hour shift. Time slots: Fri. noon-1am; Sat. 8am-1am; Sun. 8am-2pm. Help Command Base as needed; restock Snack area; restock dungeon supplies; walk the grounds picking up trash; empty trash cans/drop off at trash cart; etc.)

5. What food will be provided for breakfasts and snacks?

Saturday and Sunday breakfasts will be continental style breakfast along with coffee, juice and milk.

Snacks may consist of popcorn, cookies, variery of individual bagged chips, etc.

6. What is the PNWLC environment like?

PNWLC is providing a friendly, safe, sane, consensual, and sex-positive environment to male-identifying persons who are 21+ years that will offer opportunities to meet fellow leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM enthusiasts and to form future friendships while learning new skills.

If any troublesome issues arise during the event, please go to Command Base where you can discreetly discuss your concerns with any of the PNWLC committee members, and we will attempt to remedy the situation.

7. Do I need to bring a valid ID for age verification to on-site registration?

Yes, you must bring a valid state or government ID proving you are 21+ years old to attend the PNWLC event.

8. Do I need to be vaccinated and present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate upon arrival?

Yes, we are requiring all attendees to be vaccinated and boosted currently. We will be adhering to infection prevention and control guidelines as issued by the state and federal government in helping combat infection and spreading of COVID-19 and its variants.

On Friday, August 26th when checking in at the registration table they must present either a valid issued COVID vaccination card+booster or picture of their vaccination card+booster on their cellphone showing they have been COVID-19 vaccinated+boosted to be allowed to attend.

Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to attend the event with no refund.

9. When does the on-site registration check-in occur on Friday, Aug. 26th?

Registration will be open on Friday, Aug. 26th from Noon until 6pm at the Lookout Lodge parking area (main house, look for the sign). After 6pm, it will move to the Command Base located at the backside of Lookout Lodge on Terrace 1 by the wood staircase until 9pm.

10. What is the advanced registration deadline?

Monday, Aug. 15th, 6pm is the last day PNWLC event registration is open.

11. What is the Refund Policy? How do I cancel and request a refund?

100% refund (minus Eventbrite fees) for notice delivered by Thursday, July 21st; 50% refund for notice delivered between Friday, July 22nd and Thursday, August 18th; no refunds provided on or after Friday, August 19th.

You are responsible for any Eventbrite fees that may occur, Eventbrite’s ticket fee of $6.70 is nonrefundable.

To cancel and request a refund, please email The “send date” of the email will determine the refund percentage.

12. Is my registration transferable if I cannot attend?

Yes, your registration is transferable up until Friday, August 19th. After that is it not. Please email to make arrangements for the transfer. If transfer arrangements are not made and the person shows up, they will not be allowed to attend the event.

13. When do we get notified about the exact location and driving directions to this event?

One week prior to the event an email from Regsitration will be sent out to the email you registered for the event with instructions on how to get to the event space. In addition, we will provide the event schedule, program listings, reminder on things to bring, weather forecast, etc.

The event is roughly a 25-minute drive south of Portland International Airport, an hour north of Salem and 45 minutes Southeast of Hillsborough. Please add to your allowed email addressees so you get our emails and/or check your Spam folder.

14. What is the rule on smart phones and video recording?

No smart phones or recording devices are allowed during the entire PNWLC event except in your own room, inside your own tent or RV with consent from everyone in frame. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will be asked to immediately leave the event after deleting filmed content from device(s) with no refund, and they will be denied entry to all future PNWLC events.

Exception: Only designated PNWLC committee members and medical personnel, while on duty, are permitted to have their cellphone discreetly on them during the event.

15. Where is vehicle parking allowed?

Vehicles will be allowed to park at Lookout Lodge (main house) parking area in a “first-come, first-served” parking availability with cars lined up parking in rows behind each other as the lot fills up (see PNWLC gallery pictures). We are anticipating roughly 18-20 car spots will be available at the event, so ride sharing is encouraged.

Seldom Creek Cabin has a driveway that will allow four cars to park in a row for those lodging at it (see PNWLC Seldom Creek Cabin pictures).

Overflow parking spaces will be available to the lefthand side past the main gate if needed.

Please note: The main gate to the property will be closed from 8pm-9am for security.

16. Will there be in/out availability?

We encourage all attendees to remain on property during the entire PNWLC event.

This aids in maintaining the privacy and safety of all attendees as well as minimizing any disruption of the ebb and flow and managing of the event.

Participants may leave the property, if necessary, to purchase food or other essentials they might have forgotten, however, the gates to the property will be closed from 8pm-9am for security.

Due to the limited amount of parking space, PNWLC Committee Members can not guarantee quick and easy departure from the property.

It is your responsibility to make arrangements to exit from parking except in the case of an emergency.

17. If I leave the property, can I bring back guests to the event or onto the property?

You may not bring guests back to the event or property, only paid registered attendees can be at the event or on the property, NO EXCEPTIONS. If we discover you have broken this rule you will be asked to leave the event with no refund and barred from future PNWLC events.

18. What if I need help or assistance?

A PNWLC Committee Member, Dungeon Monitor, Floater and EMT (all wearing a yellow reflective vest) as well as at the outdoor pavilion and Seldom Creek Cabin will have walkie-talkies linked to the Command Base, which is located behind the Lockout Lodge near the wood staircase on Terrace 1, to be able to offer assistance and/or answer questions.

19. Alcohol allowed at the event?

Alcohol is allowed at the event. All beverages must be in non-breakable (no glassware) containers.

Any disruptive or inappropriate alcohol behavior will be dealt with by the PNWLC committee members on case-by-case situation with the possibility of you being asked to leave the event with no refund.

20. Is marijuana allowed at the event?

Marijuana is allowed at the event.

You are responsible for your usage behavior. Any disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be dealt with by the PNWLC committee members on case-by-case situation with the possibility of you being asked to leave the event with no refund.

21. Other recreational substances allowed at the event?

Other recreational substances are NOT allowed at the event.

If you are discovered to be using ANY recreational substances (other than marijuana) you will be asked to immediately leave the event with no refund given and banned from attending future PNWLC events.

22. Is smoking allowed at the event?

Yes smoking of any kind (vaping, cigarettes, cigars, etc) is allowed but outside only in the below designated smoking areas:

Fire pit/smoking area on Terrace 2 Tent Camping area by Lookout Lodge;

By the garage driveway of Seldom Creek Cabin.

Otherwise smoking of any kind is NOT ALLOWED inside any of the the property buildings.

23. Should I bring my own toys, or will toys be available to share on site?

You should bring your own toys.

But for those who don’t have any, get to know your fellow attendees during the event and politely ask if you could borrow some.

Just be sure to return them in the same condition they loaned them to you, and etiquette dictates: if you break it, ruin it or lose it, you buy them a new one.

24. I am adventurous, but I am also fairly new to the scene. Have you established any dungeon party etiquette rules?

All attendees should read the PNWLC Rules and Etiquette as this will enhance everyone’s safety and enjoyment!

25. Will a Dungeon Monitor be available on site?

Designated volunteer Dungeon Monitor’s will only be available Friday and Staurday evenings 9pm-1am when the indoor and outdoor dungeon spaces are open.

Please remember: The Dungeon Monitor’s (DM) rule is law.

During the day both dungeon spaces will still be available for usage (unless a class is presenting in the space) but are play at your own risk.

26. How late can we stay and play on the final day of Sunday?

2:00pm the latest.
Tear down will commence at that point as all attendees need to be off the property by 4pm.

27. What safety equipment will be on site? Do I need to bring my emergency medications?

At Command Base, located behind the Lockout Lodge near the wood staircase on Terrace 1, will be the following:

  • First aid kit
  • AED defibrillator

Make sure you bring all your medications and some extras for this event.

Those of you with emergency medications – epipen, albuterol, etc. this is the time to bring them. There are wasps, bees, and even though they spray, mosquitoes. Bring repellent to protect yourselves. If you have a complex medical history then bring a copy with you in case of emergency.

Please remember to take care of yourself! We are 20 minutes from Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center.

28. Are there hiking trails available?

There is a quarter mile trail directly behind the tent camping area on Terrace 2.

Hiking is done on your own risk, so please consider a buddy system and also let others at the site know you are going out. Please do not leave trash behind (take in/take out).

29. If I am tent camping, may I bring a camp-stove for cooking?

All guests are free to use the gas BBQ grill provided at the outdoor pavilion.

However, you may bring your own camp-stove but it has to be used at the outdoor pavilion area. Please bring your own camp-stove fuel.

30. What do we do with our trash?

There will be multiple designated trash bins and cardboard boxes with liners for trash and recycling spread around the event space and emptied nightly. Please use accordingly.

31. As an experienced camper, I like to bring my own paper products, so I can be prepared for anything. Any rules?

The entire property is served by a septic system, so the host will provide paper products which are specifically engineered to be flushed into a septic system.

If you plan to bring baby wipes or “Dude Wipes”, please DO NOT FLUSH THEM as the septic system can’t handle it and will clog up the pipes, instead plan to drop those into the provided trash receptacles.

32. We are bringing perishable food, can we store it at the campsite?

EXTREMELY limited refrigeration/fridge is available.

The full size fridge by the outdoor cooking pavilion will be used to store the weekend event’s breakfast supplies and will most likely not have much additional space.

The only other full size fridge available is at Seldom Creek Cabin (5 minute walk down the hill from Lookout Lodge) and will most likely be used by the attendees renting the room spaces there.

We advise you to bring your own cooler and ice packs to store your food. The property will be offering a small plugged in freezer chest by the indoor dungeon space for attendees to use to refreeze ice packs.

33. We are tent camping, do we have to worry about roving animals?

Possible raccoons, skunks, moles, garter snakes, coyotes and other wildlife may be attracted to the food smells, so please keep all food sealed in tight plastic lid containers.

The event space also has a friendly dog named Diesel, wild peacocks that roam the property, as well as some lamas but they are fenced in.

34. Will there be shower shot douching facilities at PNWLC event?

There will only be one designated shower shot douching bathroom available which is to be used by attendees during the event.

Please make sure to bring your own shower shot nozzle for sanitary purposes as one will not be available for use, only the water diverter and 6 ft hose will be attached to the piping.

The douching station will be located at the Seldom Creek Cabin (5 minute walk down the hill from the main actvity area, Lookout Lodge and tent camping area).

If you do not want to use the shower shot system, you can always bring your own portable enema bulb for quick douching.

35. Do we need to shower/rinse off before we can use the hot tub?

Per the Property Owner’s rules, you MUST shower and/or rinse off before you can use the hot tub.

Washing off sunscreen, insect repellents, lube, body fluids, etc. helps keep the hot tub functional and useable for everyone attending the event.

Failure to do so will result in the hot tub being shut down for the event.

Anyone with open wounds (example: after intense flogging scene, etc.) are not allowed to use the hot tub.

36. Can I bring my dog/pet with me to the PNWLC camping event?

Only a verifiable service dog/pet is allowed on the property for the PNWLC event per the property owner’s request. Otherwise no other dogs/pets are allowed.

37. How are registration fees for the PNWLC event used?

PNWLC is a non-profit, all volunteer run event.

No committee members are being paid or compensated.

All funds collected go towards producing the event and paying its bills. Any unspent funds are rolled over to produce the following year’s event.

PNWLC Cellphone Usage Rules:

No cellphones or recording devices are allowed during the entire PNWLC event except in your own room, inside your own tent or RV with consent from everyone in frame. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will be asked to immediately leave the event after deleting filmed content from device(s) with no refund, and they be will denied entry to all future PNWLC events.

Exception: Only designated PNWLC committee members and medical personnel, while on duty, are permitted to have their cellphone discreetly on them during the event.

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