Pacific Northwest Leathermen’s Campout

A Portland area annual weekend camping retreat

August 3rd-6th, 2023


Community Resources

Portland, OR


Volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to provide education and community in the Pacific Northwest area that welcomes all male identifying persons and educates all those interested in the Leatherman culture through offering monthly educational presentations and workshops. Join the mailing list at to get notifications or the Facebook Group for updates. 


Q Center – Portland’s LGBTQ2SIA+ Center

A culturally, emotionally, and physically safe place for the Portland LGBTQ2SIA+ community.

4115 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217

(503) 234-7837


Seattle, WA

Gay City – Seattle’s LGBTQ Center

The Seattle hub for LGBTQ individuals seeking affirming and responsive resources, wellness, and community.

517 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122

Resource Helpline: 206-323-LGBT
24-Hour Crisis Line: 866-427-4747


Sounds Kinky

A Leather Oral History and other offerings

Sounds Kinky Northwest leather Calendar

Monthly calendar listing of the Seattle and Northwest kink and other communities events.


San Francisco, CA

The 15 Association

  • A social and sexual fraternity for men who engage in BDSM.
  • The longest-standing gay male BDSM Association in the western USA.
  • Active in the San Francisco BDSM community with play parties, an annual run (Boot Camp), social events and charitable fund raising.
  • Premier BDSM Players who mentor by example.
  • Safe, Sane and Consensual.
  • A volunteer Association with over 190 members, coordinated by a Fraternal Committee.
  • Open to members and invited guests with a government-issued ID verifying you are 18 years of age or older.



Hankey Code

The handkerchief code is a system of color-coded cloth handkerchief or bandanas for non-verbally communicating one’s interests in sexual activities and fetishes. It is also known as “flagging”. The color of the handkerchief identifies a particular activity, and the pocket it is worn in (left-side/Top or right-side/bottom) identifies the wearer’s preferred role in that activity.

The Leather Journal

The Leather Journal was a newspaper founded in May, 1987 and is now an online magazine that covers the Leather/Kink/Fetish community clubs, organizations and events occurring around the world.

Leathermen Travel

A worldwide resource for traveling Leathermen.

PNWLC Cellphone Usage Rules:

No cellphones or recording devices are allowed during the entire PNWLC event except in your own room, inside your own tent or RV with consent from everyone in frame. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will be asked to immediately leave the event after deleting filmed content from device(s) with no refund, and they be will denied entry to all future PNWLC events.

Exception: Only designated PNWLC committee members and medical personnel, while on duty, are permitted to have their cellphone discreetly on them during the event.

About the Committee

Pacific Northwest Leathermen’s Campout (PNWLC) is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers. All committee meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.


How to Contact Us

For more information or questions, please email us at

PNWLC 2022 Sponsors

Mr. S Leather

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Spunk Lube

Committee members of the


Pacific Northwest Leathermen’s Campout

PNWLC is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers.

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